About us

Western Aesthetics is a website dedicated to reflections upon and the appreciation of traditional western culture.

It seeks to look at both the people of our heritage and what they created in order to help us recognise what greatness our nations were made from. What’s more, we seek to understand that the tradition never died. The things that made our ancestors the great people that they were can still be recognised today. It’s up to us as the children of our ancestors and the inheritors of their great legacy to keep the old fire alive or indeed renew it in the darkening madness of the modern day.

But what is traditional western culture? Defining the traditions, culture and heritage of the Western World is far too much to cover in this introduction but that’s why we spend so much time trying to explore those questions in our material: what are our values? What are our traditions? Who are the great men of the past and what did they do? These are the kinds of things that we want to reflect upon in order to appreciate our heritage so that we can aspire to be men and women who are fit to sit within the houses of our forefathers, and so that we are fit to keep them strong.

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