There is no shame in being weak There is only shame in staying weak

This quote was used in some of the best posts on @worth__fighting__for and @western__aesthetics , in this small article we are going to talk more in dept what it actually means and why is it such a good quote.

The greatness from this quote stems from the fact that it encourages self-improvement while not shaming or belittling those who still haven’t started to self-improve or achieved their goals, it says – yes , you are weak now but that’s ok as long as you are doing something to not stay that way , this simple recipe acts as a great motivator for people who still haven’t put in the time or effort to improve themselves, another factor for the success of this quote is the fact that it can be applied to many different situations , the quote can mean “strength” , “status” , “wealth” or any goal that you still haven’t achieved yet.

The best part about it is that it’s true, it is ok to fail and to not be where we want to be , failure is just a side effect of trying , the only people who don’t fail are the ones who don’t try. It doesn’t matter if we fail 10 times as long as we keep trying, in fact the recipe for success is to keep trying while learning from our mistakes and eventually success is achieved.

Failure is the price we pay for success.

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