The Modern Education System is a Failure

The Modern Education System is a Failure

If i told you that from the time you were 7 to the time you were at least 18 you would be spending most of your days sitting in a room 8 hours a day along with other children listening to an adult spouting mostly useless information at you, that you had to memorize in order to pass some tests, and after those 18 years you would go into the job market, and try to find a job where you wouldn’t use most of the information that you had to memorize during those 18 years, wouldn’t that sound ridiculous?

That is the state our education system is in right now, it teaches mostly useless subjects that won’t help you when you try to find a job or live your life, and they teach you that information in the most boring way possible. It is basically torture, a waste of precious time that children could be using to actually learn valuable lessons.

This is the case because our education system was created during the industrial revolution, that’s why it looks so much like a factory , the result was too many students in the same room , exposed to the same information in the same way at the same time, it sounds like a factory and it is as enjoyable to be in one as it is to be in a factory.

We need to fix it in order to raise a better generation that will make the future a better place for us and for our descendents.

So how do we fix it?

Teach less but teach better

Like it was said previously there are too many useless subjects, and many of those who are not useless are completely useless unless you pick a very specific career for you, but the solution is simple, stop teaching useless subjects which will give students more time to focus on the useful subjects while at the same time reduce their time in the classroom. It is no coincidence that students spend around the same time in school as their parents spend at work, school schedule is structured that way on purpose so the students are busy all day while the parents remain at work, but that does not mean they have to spend all of that time stuck in a room dying of boredom.

If they have to spend the time at school then at least make that time enjoyable for them.

Decrease the number of students each teacher has to teach.

One teacher should be teaching only a small amount of students at a time, maybe around 5 students , but the teaching would take place in a regular sized school room where other teachers would also be teaching other students in separate tables. This way students would learn the subjects much better since they have a teacher right in from of them all the time, this more informal teaching method would also mean the relationships formed between students and teachers would be better, therefore leading to a better behavior on the part of the students. Students would not only socialize with their 5 classmates but they would also socialize with other students in recess, and i can also attest from personal experience that by using this teaching method the classes would be less boring and tiresome for the students.

Keeping students in their best behavior is not the teacher’s job

Sometimes students misbehave and right now when that happens the class is interrupted and the teacher has to deal with the badly behaved student alone or in more extreme cases the teacher asks for help from employees who are in the school’s hallways, but many times those employees are not prepared to deal with misbehaved students. I propose that there should be people whose job is to deal with misbehaved students, those people would be strong and trained to deal with violent students if needed, this way a badly behaved student would be quickly removed from the classroom and the teacher would be able to continue to teach without problems. I can’t put a number on it but i believe that countless people who could have been great teachers never went on to become teachers because most people don’t want to deal with this type of situation.

Schools are a place where students are introduced to cigarettes,drugs and alcohol

Students are introduced to unhealthy behaviors like cigarettes, drugs and alcohol when they are in school, this is mostly done by older students who were themselves introduced to these behaviors by other older students, this must be avoided at all cost. School staff should regularly patrol the school grounds in order to stop and discourage students from engaging in these unhealthy behaviors, we must cut the problem by the root and this is one way to stop young students from becoming broken adults.

Decrease the number of students each school has.

Each school should have a normal amount of students, 150 maximum , this would ensure that every student is given the necessary amount of attention it needs to be a successful student, and if any issue arises that perturbs the student, those issues are more likely to be noticed with a small amount of students in one school and measures would be taken to correct those issues in order to assure the well being of the student affected and of the other students who attend school.

These are some of the measures i think should be taken to improve our education system while making it more enjoyable and less time consuming and by improving it we would hopefully improve everything else around us by having a better generation and therefore a better future.

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